About Us

Lakshmi Empire

Crypto Hedge Tech and Mining

Lakshmi means the Goddess of Wealth, Fortune and Prosperity and in the 21st Century, investors are finding New Wealth, Fortune and Prosperity through our Crypto Hedge Tech and Mining platforms.

‘Crypto Currency’ or  Digital Money’ is one of the new asset classes in the Blockchain Industry. In General the last three years, investors have seen a 81.71% better returns than stock, real estate and gold. In 2013, three hundred millionaires and one billionaire were created by investing and trading Bitcoin. Today, the market cap is above $176 Billion.

Lakshmi Empire was founded in December 2015, and have created an impressive 11,000  high net worth clients in over 60 countries, helping them to educate and capitalise on our services. We provide mining and trading services and we create strategies and structure for anyone to start their journey with us, to accumulate bigger profits at the click of a few buttons. We are big believers in educating and investing in people.

Lakshmi Empire are specialists in mentoring how to Learn, Earn and Grow with Crypto Trading and Mining. Our aim is to inspire aspiring people with access to the world’s latest, largest and most liquid markets, deals and technology platforms. By offering the best of class solutions and developing the best mentors and leaders to strive for the best online experience in the market, we are the ‘Creators’ of ‘The New Wealth, Fortune and Prosperity in The 21st Century’.

Executive Board & Global Mentors

Know as the Lakshmi Brothers, Lakshmi Empire success is due the Sharp Business Acumen, Leadership and Mentorship of Mr. Darren Matadeen and Mr. Avinash Nagamah.

Mr. Darren Matadeen is the Founder Lakshmi Empire and a Top 8 Figure Earner in the Crypto World. Mr. Darren Matadeen comes with strong foundations in the Top 5 Fortune Global Companies, such as, Arthur Andersen, BP Trading and Microsoft, and Online Gaming and Betting Trading, for major monopolies in Hong Kong and Singapore. For more information about Mr. Darren Matadeen can be found here:  www.DarrenMatadeen.com.

Mr. Avinash Nagamah is a respected Global Leader and Deal Maker. His background is in accounting and sales, running Global Businesses and Partnerships, bringing structure, mathematical intelligence and the ability to close major 6 to 7 figure deals.

Together as Owners and Managing Partners of Lakshmi Empire, they are making a huge difference, generating $10 Million Turnover in 2016, and creating an impact in people’s lives. They are heavily investing in the Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence  Industry. Their mission is to: Reshape The Markets & Change The World Around Us, through Transparency, Integrity, Compliance, Service, Intellect and Education.