Lakshmi Empire are world class Wealth, Fortune and Prosperity Mentors and have the most attractive mentorship programme for individuals and companies who are looking to make an investment in themselves!

We offer training via local, national and global events and we can offer mentoring through a platform called Zoom (available on app store), an online video call software application and face-to-face depending on the distance between mentor and student. This allows students of all backgrounds to Learn, Earn and Grow without any difficulties.

Before any payment is made; an individual can join our free seminar or webinar to see if this is the right fit for them. A seminar or webinar will involve a basic overview of what you will be learning, how you’ll be learning and what you should expect. Earning potentials will be discussed and testimonials with current students.

We also offer a 90 Day Programme varying in the amount of time you can commit to learning the strategies alongside practising the newly learnt strategies. Once we believe the student is ready to make money, we will give them the green light to begin on their new journey!

One of our performing students have earned £150k in one year (which does depend on effort). Individuals who would like to speak to us in further detail, please contact us and someone will be in touch as soon as possible.

We also offer a small package as we are aware there are young aspiring traders out there who are just not in the financial position to purchase a full trading package. We will show well-founded strategies with free mentorship to allow the student to learn the strategy to make a very good income. This option can put the student in a better financial position allowing them to use the profits to continue to Learn, Earn and Grow more.