Join the Financial Revolution

Join The Financial Revolution

Crypto Currency is the new form of Digital Money and is an evolution and revolution of money as we know it today.

As we know everything is becoming digital. Now money itself is digital. It is more secure and currently inflation proof.

Since 2008 – when the financial-crisis began, many people distrust the banks, the high fees and have great concerns of the devalue of cash money. In the UK, we are now paying negative interests on cash savings… so people are now looking at ways to do payments without the middlemen like banks.

Bitcoin was the first digital programmable smart money, that solved many problems like ability to create a unique serial number through algorithms thus avoiding double spending issues. Only 21 Million Bitcoins will ever be produced, and the value is based on Supply and Demand.

In 2009, when Bitcoin launched the value of the coin went from cents and shot up to $1,200, and today the value is around $1,733.55 (higher than gold prices). In 2013, 300 Millionaires and 1 Billionaire created in 2013 and many more wealthy people. Below are a couple of links to show what is happening:

Newspaper Article:











Today, there are over 900 crypto currencies in the market ( and many more are emerging. Bitcoin was the first but technology wise other digital coins are more superior, secured and scalable.

In our research, in the last 3 years’ investors have seen 81.71% better returns in crypto currencies, more than stock, gold and real estate and ever since the news of the Brit Exit and Trump in power Crypto Currencies values have sky rocketed.

The Future:

Crypto Currency and the underlying technology called a Blockchain has shaken up the whole Financial Industry. This is the 7th disruption five times bigger than the internet.

At the beginning, Crypto Currencies was believed to be some sort of scheme because banks and governments, are now threaten. But Crypto Currency and Blockchain are here to stay (nearly 8.5 years established already), and the major banks like ICIC Bank, Citi Bank and even the Bank of England are now embracing the new digital world of crypto currency.

The time is now to come in and start to diversify some of our wealth into Crypto Currency.

Lakshmi Empire mentors and educate how to Invest and Trade multiple crypto currencies for 2 main reasons:

  1. We know that are 2.5 billion people on this planet that does not have a bank account. Research shows that crypto currency is solving this problem. Lakshmi Empire is part of that solution to help create new economies.
  2. Crypto Currency is preserving our family wealth. Our family have invested over $250k so far and created a small empire in the process. The name of the game is to acquire as many coins as possible.

What is driving us this conclusion is reviewing countries like India were demonetisation is taken place, Dubai by 2020 is aiming to be cashless, Citi Bank in Australia no longer excepts cash, China is investing big and Africa has started to integrate crypto currency for micro payments platforms.

Where we are right now, is like 1998 of the internet…. And we are just getting started.

Lakshmi Empire is focused on wholesale buying of crypto currencies, buying low and selling high at the right time. We are also involved in companies going to IPO (listed on the stock market). We are also finalising our Global Merchant and Gaming services. We are leverage education to help people to help understand the new world of crypto currency and how to be prepared financially for the future.

For us the question is not how much we put in, but how much we want to make. This will be up to you.

The more coins we have in our portfolio the more we can spend and today people are buying houses and cars with digital currencies.

Please note this is not an investment and there are no guarantees. Lakshmi Empire educates, supports and provides the assurances to be successful by selecting the right strategies. In any businesses, there are risks, but largely mitigated, making sure every coin and company we do business with are fully compliant, legally and financially. We have intelligence about our industry and we never relied on Google or Wikipedia which has a lot of false information.

We are leader in our industry, commission driven around from 10% to 25%, with careful strategy and structuring. We have many high net worth individuals on our books, coming as far from Japan and Africa to see us.

Lakshmi Empire has done well in a short space of time and in addition we help our communities.

Lakshmi Empire is a family business and we make sure that everyone succeeds. We are seeing 10 times more growth between now and 2018.

How to Win and Change your Life?

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